How do I use Webex/GoToMeeting/Skype with Personify Live to share my persona and my content?

To use your favorite web conferencing tool with Personify Live and share your persona on your content, follow these steps. Note that these same steps work with any web conferencing tool that supports screen sharing, particularly screen sharing at a good frame rate.

- Start your Webex/GoToMeeting/Connect/Lync conference/Skype call the usual way

- Click on the Personify Live icon and log in to instantly be on top of your desktop content.

- Share desktop/screen on the conferencing tool to instantly share your persona on the content on your desktop with your audience.

The above workflow enables you to retain your standard workflow with your favorite conferencing tools. Also, no action is required of your audience, for whom this is a seamless experience. Enliven (personify!) a boring web conference with your persona using Personify Live.

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