How do I get the best user extraction / background cutout/ background removal results?

The Personify UserExtraction™ processes the color image and the 3D depth image using innovative computer vision and image processing algorithms to identify a human face and body, perfectly delineate the edges, and eliminate the background. UserExtraction™ is robust to different dynamic environments. However, in order to obtain a high quality picture and user edge from
UserExtraction™, we summarize the recommended best practices below:


Position the depth camera so that it is directly in front with the user facing the camera, such that his/her head is within the field of view.
For the best results, position yourself three to six feet from the Kinect™ camera.
Position yourself in front of a plain and simple background. Also, wear clothing that has distinctly different colors from the background.
Use a well lit room, preferably lit by fluorescent lighting
If the camera is failing to sense part or all of a user, wave hand within 6 inches from the camera to reset UserExtraction™.
Wave at the camera when you enter the field of view of the camera so the camera senses movement recognizing a human presence

Try to ensure a color contrast between your hair and the background or your clothes and the background for a really smooth edge.


Positioning oneself within 2.5 feet of the camera: The depth information degrades when the subject is within three feet. This can cause gaps or holes in the user.
Wearing clothing similar in color to the background: This may cause a wavy edge around the user due to difficult in perfectly delineating the user from the background.
Standing in front of a very busy or complex background: This could cause a wavy or jagged edge around the user.
Standing in front of a glass window: The 3D technology is unable to measure the depth of glass windows. The lack of 3D information about the background can cause inaccurate edges.
Using poor or dim lighting
Direct exposure to the sunlight: This can interfere with the depth quality causing inaccurate edges.
Standing on the fringes of the field of view of the camera


First off, lighting for Personify Live is significantly easier than typical studio lighting and lighting for actual green screens. 

Primarily, Personify Live needs good diffused lighting from front of the user while avoiding back lights

-- Front-lighting for the user is key to a good experience

-- Diffused lighting instead of a directed light helps in uniform lighting of the user persona

-- Avoid excessive lighting that shines a spotlight in the background (for instance, a shiny spot on the wall behind) causing poor lighting on the user. In these cases, turning OFF a light source improves the lighting on the user since the currently supported cameras use auto gain control that uses the whole frame. 

Simple office scenarios that work wellin practice are a corner or a wall of a conference room or office, where all the ceiling lights and other light sources in the room are in 'front' of the user

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