What are the minimum platform and camera requirements for Personify Live?

Personify Live relies on a depth camera (see article here) and needs a medium-powered to high-powered CPU to process video in real time. Below we recommend the platform that you need for good performance as well as the minimum platform to ensure usability of the product.

Supported OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, MacOS 10.7 or higher

RECOMMENDED PLATFORM (for best performance)

Processor: Intel Core-I5 or higher or 4 core AMD Fusion, 2GHz+

Memory: 4GB or higher

Hard Drive: 100 GB or higher


Processor: Intel Core I-3, 4 core AMD Phenom; Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GHz
Memory: At least 2GB
Hard drive: 50GB or higher for storing temporary recordings
Supported camera: Microsoft Kinect™, Asus Xtion Pro Live

Bandwidth requirement: 1.5 Mbps (Normally uses a lot less, but peaks at 1.5 Mbps) for streaming

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