Can you recommend a good audio solution or a good microphone?

Audio is a key part of your live or recorded session and a good mirophone is key.

With Personify Live, you can present sitting down or standing up so you'll want to choose mics for both use cases.

In general, for both live and recorded sessions two factors to consider are (1)  range of operation and (2) audio quality. Below, we break these down into a few options (this is definitely not an exhaustive list. For more microphone reviews see :

OPTION 1: Wireless lavalier microphone or high quality mic (e.g. Blue Yeti) 
Pros: Outstanding range of operation and great quality
Cons: Tend to cost more. The Blue Yeti is bulky, very sensitive and can pick up stray sounds (and so must be used in silent environs)

OPTION 2: Omnidirectional mic with a good range:  
Blue snowball (
HD webcams from Logitech and Microsoft have very good omnidirectional mics
Pros: Above average range and quality, less expensive than option 1
Cons: Audio quality somewhat inferior to option 1

OPTION 3: Wired lavalier microphones
Pros: High quality, less expensive than option 1
Cons: Wire can be hard to navigate

OPTION 4: USB headsets or bluetooth headsets or 2-in-1s 
Pros: Good designs with a sleek look from Jabra or Plantronics..Very good sound quality. Less expensive than lavalier mics. Designs available for both VoIP calls on PC and for the phone (or both)
Cons: Headset  can be seen in the video, which may be an issue for some presenters

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