My CPU performance is poor OR Personify is running slow

Personify Live processes video in real-time and can be computationally demanding. 


We recommend a powerful laptop with the following minimum specs:

(Note: We do work on a less powerful machine, but the frame rate of the video goes down and the CPU utilization can go up. Below, what we have, is the recommended specification)

Processor: Intel Core I-5/I-7 processor or AMD Fusion LLano

(We expect the CPU utilization to be 20-40% for Personify Live to overlay the persona on the desktop on such machines. Streaming or recording can increase this footprint by an extra 10% of the CPU)

Graphics: NVidia or ATI

Disk: 100GB or higher (if you intend to use the recording features)

Memory: 4GB or higher

Platform: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Win XP is NOT supported), MacOS (10.7 or 10.8) for the Mac


CPU utilization when running Personify Live without recording or streaming spikes up to beyond 35-40%.

Issue: A spike in CPU utilization can sometimes be attributed to an older graphics driver. Update the graphics drivers on your system to the latest. Also, note that a better graphics card from NVidia or ATI can mitigate this issue

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