Why can't I share the persona through screen/desktop sharing on Vidyo, Google Hangouts, or Jabber?

A few tools including Vidyo, Google Hangouts, Jabber, and Blue Jeans use a Windows screen sharing (desktop sharing) API that will not capture overlay windows like the persona or the Personify Live control panel.  So, in the default mode, these tools would completely miss sending the persona across to the audience.

Personify Live has a checkbox in the 'Adjust' menu that you can check to use with any of the above mentioned tools. When this box is checked, these tools will be able to capture the persona and the Live control panel as part of screen sharing and stream it across to the audience. 

Technical explanation:
Personify Live disables DWM (desktop windows manager) by default since that helps in the screen sharing frame rate on Win Vista and Windows 7. By checking the box, we re-enable DWM. Re-enabling DWM ensures that the above mentioned tools are able to share the overlay windows through screen sharing.

Final note: We still disable DWM for recording purposes (and uncheck the settings box above) to ensure maximal screen sharing frame rate. 

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